The Temple Science

Pandharpur, located within a loop of religious towns like Akkalkot and Tuljapur, is one of the most important religious town in the solapur megacircuit. The temple is visited by millions of pilgrims each year, the most popular being the “vari” yatra (journey) performed on foot. The town of Pandharpur showcases a panaroma of temples and various places of religious importance on the banks of Chandrabhaga river. The design principles for the resort are based on the concept of a temple space within a temple complex.

The temple with a sacred space of the “Garbagriha” at its core (private) is surrounded by the common public space of the “Mandapa”. This system of division of spaces formulates the design of the resort, where the lower levels of the resort allow for a free flow and movement of public and public spaces(cafeteria, lobby, community hall). However, the levels above accommodates the private spaces(residential area). With each consequent level, the design and the layouts of the residential spaces change in a staggered manner, thus creating open balconies and double walling systems responding the hot and dry climatic conditions.