The Lost Edge

The Riwa fort (also Rewah fort), locally known as Kala qilla or black fort, is a fort in central Mumbai (Bombay), India on the banks of the Mithi river.A stone inscription indicates that the fort was built in 1737 by the governor of Bombay. It was part of the larger Bombay castle, and marked the northern portion of British-held Bombay in the 17th century.The castle was also used as a watchtower, guarding the territory against the Portuguese-held (and later Maratha-held)Salsette island.Earlier, bay’s water used to come near the fort.

The Chawls in this area have evolved over the years.  Kalakilla’s residents eventually claimed the land in 1950. The approaching road from the entrance to the actual fort walls was built in 1957, after independence from Britain.

The proposal apart from restoration and conservation, looks at creating a proper access to the fort and beautification of fort through illumination and landscaping. The intention is to make the space work as a recreation zone for the nearby residents who have been actively involved in the safeguarding of the fort from encroachment.