A Convertible Home

Built for a single, young professional, the home is a reflection of the client’s dynamic and modern sensibilities. “The essential factor was to design everything around the compact, livable area.”

Each space had to be transformable and made flexible yet aesthetically appealing. The compact, introvert small kitchen was broken down to build an open kitchen that is connected to the living/ dining room. The kitchen counter connecting the two spaces are enlarged to accommodate a bar as well as utility products such as the washing machine. The console, with the bright yellow wall and quirky prints and planters, make the background wall interesting. The console can be converted to a four-seater dining table with two benchcum- storage boxes. The TV panel is sleek and rotatable to cater to the entire space, from the living to the dining area. The guest bedroom has a convertible double bed with a subtle colour palette. The master bed has a convertible desk that can be used when working from home. The suspended mirror along with a suspended hanging rod adds a third dimension to the room.