The Transit house

The original house was built over 12 years ago in the city of Aurangabad for a family of three and is now meant to be used as a transition space between two cities. Originally, the house was a simple ground structure with a sloping canopy design. The house with its introvert character due to its space and window design made for a dull environment. The balconies which were adjunct to the bedrooms had no role to play due to its lack of any interaction with the environment around whatsoever. The terrace with its huge potential was completely disconnected from the rest of the house. The outside open area at the ground level was just a mere setback with barely any landscape features. The brief primarily, was minimal intervention and limited construction. Also, the house had to bring in enough light which it lacked. Another significant requirement was to bring in landscape elements in a strategic manner so as to bring in a green factor and some natural ambience. The requirement for a low maintenance and low cost design intervention brought about some challenges.

A Convertible Home

Built for a single, young professional, the home is a reflection of the client’s dynamic and modern sensibilities. “The essential factor was to design everything around the compact, livable area.”

Less is More

A two- bedroom apartment that observes clean lines combined with the space- maximising layout.

Sicom Arc

Patterns and geometries used in their simplest forms are reflected in the design.


Looks at the office cafeteria not as a sole function but as a space which brings about community eating, reading and working together.

Town Hall

The town hall is oriented towards the heritage structure present on the site which showcases the rich history allowing it to be opened for public, creating a public plaza around it.

The Lost Edge

Conservation and restoration of the Kala Qilla

Patterns in Nature

A system of modules and patterns in nature, configures the design of public spaces

The Urban Park

On the occasion of the 50th Year Anniversary of the Corporation

Global Kokan

A showcase of the Kokan region on the tourism platter


Promoting Maharashtra tourism and culture, on the threshold

The Root System

Roots of the Gulmohar tree design a traffic island

The Temple Science

Design of spaces through the lens of temple architecture

Between Palms & Sea

The new role of a 100 year old house in a context of art and design

Bank Branch

As empanelled Architects for the "Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Limited, we had the privilage for designing the interiors for their Kurla Branch.


The centrifugal force of a "Vatakvriksha" draws the guidelines for the design of the pilgrim resort